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Hi all, I feel like every time I write a post now it starts off with me apologizing for not writing in such a long time. So for that….I apologize for the long wait. I realize it’s been nearly 2 months since I last wrote. I have been doing a lot of traveling these last two months. I’ve mentioned my Asia trip in my earlier posts. I also went to Europe (Barcelona, France, and Rome) for a few weeks! And in the next few weeks I’ll be traveling yet again to Germany and South Africa for a few more weeks!

I’m really looking forward to my South Africa trip, where i’ll be volunteering in the Sports Development program in Cape Town hosted by IVHQ. Please check them out! They’re a great program and I highly recommend you participate at least once in your lifetime as they host programs all over the world! Anyway, this trip inspired me to write a blog post as I’ve been searching for an ideal backpack to take with me on my adventures to a new continent! I plan on going on a Safari, hiking, exploring, and even a great white shark cage dive while i’m there so my plan is to pack light in order to have the best experience possible!

As someone who uses a backpack almost everyday, I don’t just look for a plain old backpack. I want one that is sturdy yet stylish and comfortable. I am a complete fan of Oakley backpacks. I find them to be cool and edgy and very comfortable on the shoulders. Here are a few of my favorites currently on sale:

From left to right:
 Oakley 4 On The Floor Backpack 1340cu in Jet Black One Size ($43.75)(Buy here)
 ENDURO 20L PRINT 2.0 ($55.00)(Buy here)
 Oakley 92610 Works Backpack 35L ($45)(Buy here)

I like this style because these backpacks look relatively simple and they tend to sit ‘flat’ against your back. In other words, you don’t look like one of those middle school students carrying a protruding backpack with dozens of books crammed in there. The style is slick and still remains flat even when you’ve put a laptop and a few books in there.

If you’re not into the somewhat sporty look of the Oakley backpacks, there are more casual style backpacks to opt for, such as lovely canvas, vintage-like ones. I purchased a pretty blue one as I wanted to have one to fit all my small tech-gadgets essentials on my trips around the world! These backpacks are sturdy and surprisingly roomy! You’re able to fit a laptop along with a few books and even a water bottle next to the laptop. I got my off of Aliexpress which took a few weeks to get to me, but it was well worth it for the price you pay (I only paid $18!!).

From left to right:
 Canvas Casual Vintage Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack ($19 - Comes in several colors!) (Buy here)
 Unisex Canvas Backpack High Capacity Travel Backpack ($20 - Additional colors available!) (Buy here)
 Vintage Casual Canvas Laptop Backpack ($23 - More colors available!) (Buy here)

And if you’re really looking for something unique, but aren’t an extreme adventurer (more like a casual adventurer) then check out these adorable backpacks for other types of occasions! I especially love the first one in suede baby pink with floral front details!

From left to right:
 Floral Backpack and/or Shoulder Bag in Pink ($20) (Buy here)
 Striped Feminine Large Front Pocket Canvas Backpack in Light Sea Green ($24) (Buy here)
 Preppy Embossed Faux Leather Bow Front Shoulder Strap Backpack in Black ($22) (Buy here)
 Floral Faux Leather Front Tassle Shoulder Backpack in White ($24) (Buy here)

If you’re planning on an adventure soon, hopefully this post has given you some inspiration. Or perhaps this post has inspired you to want to take a trip soon!

Are you looking for a specific type of backpack? Perhaps a picnic backpack or a hiking backpack? Whatever the case, feel free to leave a comment below and I’d be happy to help you search for a backpack i’m sure you’ll totally fall in love with!

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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