The funkiest and most interesting handbags made by Kate Spade to date!

Funky Kate Spade Crossbody bags

I’ve been really inclined to write a post about Kate Spade and some of the company’s most unique and funky handbags they’ve released.

Some of these handbags are just….impractical, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be admired! I look at some of Kate Spade’s handbags as a form of art. They’re quirky, they’re fun and playful, and are well made.

One of my favorite Kate Spade bags was their Wordsmith Dictionary Clutch. It’s such a cute piece. I remember a few years ago browsing the handbag aisle at a local TJMaxx when i stumbled upon this clutch and I thought it was the absolute cutest thing ever made. Unfortunately, at the time the price tag was $90 and I couldn’t see myself spending that much money on a clutch that seemed a bit impractical to me. I sort of regretted not getting it, because now you will be lucky to find this clutch for less than $200 online!


Next up is the adorable Par Avion Envelope Clutch released a few years back. This clutch is also pretty rare, but sometimes it does pop up for sale online on eBay or Poshmark. There is a tote version but personally I don’t find the tote bag as attractive as this little clutch.


Another one of Kate Spade’s quirky bag creations is the Chinese Takeout Crossbody Bag. I definitely LOLed at this one. I mean…I can’t see myself wearing this around in public. It is definitely more of a piece of art than anything. Maybe if I am on my way to a Chinese takout restaurant, perhaps? Either way, it is cute and super unique.


Here’s another that made me chuckle. The Kate Spade Popcorn Crossbody bag. I like the little drawstring closure on top. And the fabric closure gives it the impression that its a box full of popcorn. I guess this would make a perfect bag for those who frequent the movies. It seems big enough to store a few candy bars/boxes in to sneak into the movies! It looks like this bag comes in several colors. My personal favorite color option for this would be the red (it seems more realistic).


These next two handbags, the Scenic Route Cactus Bag and the Spring Forward Flowerpot Crossbody Bag, are some of Kate Spade’s more recent editions to the company’s never-ending funky collection. I am amazed at the attention to detail put in these handbags. Take a look at the flowerpot handbag, for example. There is a little plant tag label with the Kate Spade logo, much like you’d see in a real flower pot/plan! Adorable. and the cactus is definitely one of the more intricate pieces of handbag art I’ve seen from them.

Finally, I thought I should include a more practical Kate Spade clutch that I personally own and love. I love this clutch because I am obsessed with bows. The Kate Spade Belle Place Bow Woven Clutch is a personal favorite of mine. I own the blue because I tend to own a lot of blue clothing and dresses (blue just suits me :] ) It’s the perfect size to store a small wallet, your keys, a few essential makeup pieces and even your cellphone. I love it! It’s a great piece for the spring and summer. The clutch came in 3 different colors: Red, Black, and Blue.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you’re a Kate Spade fan like myself, you would definitely appreciate these artistic bags! They are definitely one of a kind :)

Happy Shopping.

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