How to stand out this spring with colorfully embroidered spring jackets

Spring Embroidered and colorfully printed Jackets

So just to throw it out there, I just purchased a new home and will be moving in the next few months. I can’t tell you how anxious I am. I’ve literally been thinking about how to decorate the place pretty much every day since I submitted and got my offer accepted.

Since I am trying to cut costs, I am going to make use of my existing furniture as much as possible. However I am completely remodeling my entire home – from the floors to the kitchen, the bathroom and repainting all the walls and ceilings (Yay, IKEA!). It’s going to be a big project, but I am going to try to do it as frugally (and quickly) as possible. I will keep you all posted as I get closer to the closing date :)

For today’s post, I really wanted to share with you all some to-die-for spring jackets. As you’ve probably figured from my previous posts, I’m a coat-a-holic (is that even a thing?). I especially love the ones that give me a flattering figure, including ones that have an adjustable waist belt. But my closet is just full of these and I’m really trying to go a bit out of my comfort zone and trying new styles.

Living in Boston has it’s perks, but one of the things that sort of bothers me about the city is that everyone dresses pretty much the same – I see very little spontaneity (or perhaps it’s just the certain areas of Boston that I frequent). While blue, black, and beige colored jackets are cute and chic, they’re just too….ubiquitous. If you’re looking to stand out this spring, I’d check out some stores such Anthropologie or Modcloth for wonderfully embroidered jackets.

Here are a few cute jackets I handpicked from Modcloth. I especially love the piped double breasted trench jackets they’re offering currently this spring (the navy one is super adorable!):


From left to right:
Polka Dot Capital Class Trench (Buy here)
East Coast Tour Trench in Navy (Also comes in Sand and Green) (Buy here)
Floral Profound Pizzazz Trench (Buy here)
Colorblock your World Trench (Buy here)

Another favorite brand of mine that also has a bunch of cute jackets is Dabuwawa. They’re an Asian brand and you can find a lot of their cute clothes on Some of their styles can be a bit over the top…almost barbie-like, but their spring jackets are so cute I just can’t resist them sometimes! Here’s a few spring jackets I picked out that you may like:

From left to right:
Biker Modo Light purple pink Spring Jacket (Buy here)
Colorblock Collarless Pink White Jacket Pea coat (Buy here)
Notched Lapel Double Breasted Tweed White Piped double Breasted Pea coat Jacket (Buy here)
Sleeve Printed Floral light purple fit and flare waist tie jacket (Buy here)
Lace collarless Hot Pink White Fitted Jacket Pea Coat (Buy here)
Wool Blen Light Blue purple floral printed gray Belted Pea Coat (Buy here)
 This spring, I’m going to make an effort not to be such a ‘plain-Jane’. I’m usually always cold so whenever I’m out during the first few weeks/months of spring I’m always wearing a jacket of some sort – and it’s generally the first piece of attire someone sees on you. So definitely pick out your favorite one and don’t be shy to wear it in public 😉

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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