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i everyone! Sorry for the hiatus. I needed some time off – I just had a very busy weekend and had a lot of catching up to do.

In other news, this weather has been terrible here in the north east. We literally had a huge snowstorm on April 1st. That is just mother nature’s way of saying April Fools! But I am very certain that that is the last of the snow we’ll be getting.

In any case…guess what time it is?

It’s tulle time!

This spring, I’m very excited to wear some of my favorite tulle looks. I want to share with you some beautiful tulle looks that may give you inspiration. There’s a certain online store/seller that I love to shop from when it comes to buying these skirts. The company is called Blessing Beauty and they are great because they can custom make your skirts for you. You can tell them what length you want, the number of tulle layers, waist measurements, and whether you want an elastic waist band or a zip up. Also, they have dozens of colors to choose from. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences purchasing from them. Here are some tulle styles to consider:

The Classic Tulle

Get your custom made classic tulle skirt here or here

This style is pretty popular. It’s simple yet chic and you can style it however you want. My favorite look is to pair this skirt with any type of cropped top – can be strapless, sleeved, halter, etc. No matter what cropped top you choose, you can never go wrong with it. And of course, the more tulle you go with the fluffier you’ll look. I normally go with a knee length tulle skirt since I am petite, but midi length seems to the more popular trend these days.

The Tiered Tulle

Get your custom made tiered tulle skirt here or here

This style is super adorable. It’s kind of a step up from the classic trend, giving the skirt a bit more flare from the cinched tiered rows. You can also customize this look if you buy through blessing beauty. When deciding on the length, I’d keep in mind how much length you get between the bottom of the skirt and the last (third) row. If you make it too short, it may look a little awkward.

The Pleated/Ruffled Tulle

Get your custom made ruffled/pleated tulle skirt here or here

This is probably one of my favorite looks. I especially love the full length maxi skirts. These are beautiful and they don’t fluff up ridiculously because of the weight of the material. So you end up with a nice silhouette instead of a crazy fluffiness. These skirts go really well with a jean button down top and jean or moto jackets.

The Piped Tulle

Get your custom made piped tulle skirt herehere, or here

This is such a unique look and there are so many different piped skirt looks to choose from. There’s piped full, maxi skirts, tiered mini skirts, high-low skirts, etc. And the piping are of different length. You’ll oftentimes see thin piping but thick piping is also just as cute. These skirts can be worn up for elegant events usually. You could wear them as an everyday event if you’re bold enough but I suggest picking from one of the other styles for an “outfit-of-the-day-look”.

Did I get you excited with tulle? You should definitely head over the Blessing Beauty’s store and check out their selection. They have so many styles and colors and they will cater to your measurements too! Having purchased a few of their items, I can guarantee you that they are quality goods and not cheap material. Just an fyi, since the company is overseas, if you do order, it may take a while to get your order.

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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