This Is Why Shower Heads With Speakers Are So Fabulous

Bluetooth Shower head speaker music player system

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great long Labor day weekend! I actually recently got back from a 2 week long trip to Germany and South Africa and I had a blast! The culture, the people, and the colors! My goodness! It was definitely the best trip I’ve had thus far, and would go back again in a heartbeat! Now that I’m back, I’m glad to be in the comfort of my home, my bed, and my shower! As much as I loved South Africa, it has made me realize how much I take for granted the everyday comforts of life here in America…one of which being a nice, hot shower :)

The other day I was actually thinking of getting a small waterproof speaker for my bathroom. When I remodeled my bathroom, I had designed my shower such that I had a little shelf built inside one of the walls so that I could place my shampoo and a waterproof bluetooth system. Little did realize that shower components with bluetooth speakers already exist! If you have a ventilation system in  your bathroom, you can replace that with one that has a built in bluetooth system. And shower heads have this as well. This brings me to today’s post which is a guest post written by Lori Longoria at Walk In Showers. Getting a bluetooth shower head instead of a bluetooth speaker in my opinion is soooo much better! Not only does it save space in your shower but you can hear your music much better inside the shower itself! Anyway, please enjoy this post, and as always, feel free to leave a comment:

Bluetooth Shower head speaker music player system

Music is something that many people enjoy while doing a lot of things. It is not only relaxing but listening to your favorite songs while running errands, getting some work done or driving can put you in the right state of mind to get things done. So why not enjoy this same effect while in the sanctuary of your bathroom taking a nice hot shower? Shower and bathroom technology has evolved to make this a possibility. I am not referring to playing music from your phone placing it several feet away from you to avoid water damage: I am talking about having a speaker in your shower head that plays music right above your head while the warm shower of water hits your body. For those shower singers who love to belt out to their favorite artist’s latest hit, blue tooth shower heads with speakers are features that you should definitely consider.

These shower head speakers are enabled by Bluetooth connectivity. Unlike ordinary Bluetooth enabled speakers, this one fits exactly into your shower head. Simply pairing these speakers with your audio device, whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop or iPod, via Bluetooth allows you to listen to music while you shower. You can also pause, fast forward and rewind audio without having to turn off the stream of water or stepping out of the shower. These speakers are waterproof and a great feature to include in your shower head. These shower head speakers also come with an extra advantage, beneficial to those worker bees who are always expecting a call but do not want that hassle of having to postpone their shower sitting by the telephone. Good quality shower heads with speakers alert you about an incoming call, allow you to answer the call by a push of a button in the shower head, and once your call is complete, it automatically resumes the audio file that you were previously listening to. How convenient is that?!

There are several brands of shower heads with speakers on the market that you can choose from. However, it is important to take certain factors into consideration before purchasing speaker shower head to ensure that you get the exact specifications you want and value for your money:

1. Durability: Before you buy any shower head with speakers, you want to make sure that the gadget can serve you for a long time. This not only saves you money by eliminating the possible repair or replacement costs but gives you peace of mind and freedom while using it. My advice: do a lot of research before settling on one brand.

2. The Bluetooth technology and wireless signal compatibility: For you to enjoy the maximum benefits of your shower head speaker, it is best to make sure that it is compatible with all the devices you want to connect it with. Sometimes you may find that making a rash decision in the purchase, may cause you to buy a shower head speaker that only connects to a few devices and not others. Further, you may want to ensure that you get a speaker that has a wireless signal with the range that you desire.

Bluetooth Shower head speaker music player system

3. Battery life and playback duration: Ideally, you want to get a shower head speaker that has a long lasting battery life that does not require frequent charging. You can find some speakers on the market that can give you up to one week playback time with ease. Grab those ones!

4. The quality of speakers: Find speakers that are loud and clear enough to suit your bathroom needs, so that, whether you simply want soothing melodies of classical music in the background or to party like a rockstar while you shower, get shower head speakers that can suit both these situations. Another thing you might want to consider is getting a speaker that is portable and can be used on the go, wherever you need it.

5. The shower spray: The whole focus should not be on the shower head speaker alone. You can’t really enjoy the benefits of the speaker while it’s attached to a crappy shower head with a poor stream.

Aside from the benefits that I have already mentioned, the shower head speakers have so much to offer. They are convenient because there are no wires required to power or connect these speakers. This would not only be cumbersome but a danger to you. Water and electricity are often a horrible combination. These wireless speakers solve this problem by eliminating the need for wires as well as having the extra advantage of being waterproof.

Is there a specific radio program or podcast that you are a fan of? But do you also have a meeting to head out to that morning and need to get ready and dressed to leave? Save time by doing both. You can enjoy your music, favorite selection of audio books and even listen to the news. Not only is this convenient because it allows you to multi task, but it also creates a lovely environment in your bathroom while you shower.

Bluetooth Shower head speaker music player system

You get to listen to these things and even answer calls efficiently because the speakers are clear. Even though the water is pouring down in the shower, you won’t miss a thing because the speaker is right above your head and the sound is audible and even has the same base features that you would get from a normal portable or fixed speaker.

If you’re anything like me, you love to get a good sing out in the shower. These shower head speakers allow you to exercise your vocal cords and practice hitting those notes. So while the water is shooting out of your water pipes, let your voice flow out of your wind pipes with a band backing you up. Just thinking about it makes me a little more excited for my next shower.

Finally, this is simply a pretty cool concept, isn’t it? Impress your guests, your friends or your significant other with this cool addition to your shower installment. I guarantee everybody who has the privilege of using your shower will definitely be talking about it. Cool points to you!

Some other features that you can add to your shower to compliment your speakers are LED lights for that extra lighting effect, jet massage nozzles for a massaging effect and temperature control consoles that allow you to adjust your desired water temperature and flow direction.

Shower heads with speakers are not as expensive as you may be thinking. And making sure that you buy a good efficient brand will be more value for money and definitely worth the extra buck. So spoil yourself today and get these shower head speakers to enhance your shower experience.

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