Porcelain printed dresses – a must for your spring wardrobe!

porcelain dress


Need a new dress for the upcoming spring season? I think I’ve got just the one for you!

I came across a porcelain printed dress a little while back and immediately fell in love. I paired it up with a navy blazer with white piping, brown belt, black tights, and a pair of black heels to complete the look for the winter (as I couldn’t wait to wear this as soon as I got it!).

Printed Dress Combo

Porcelain Printed Knee length dress – Aliexpress.com (here)
Black Tights – Asos.com (here)
Black Heels – Charles David (here)
Navy Blazer – J. Crew (here)
Brown Bow Waist Belt – Amazon (here), also in Black (here)

I found this dress while browsing Aliexpress.com. You never know what gems you’ll come across when shopping/browsing there. Here’s the particular dress I purchased, it is the above-the-knee style with cap sleeves, and the quality was very good, especially for the price listed. But I also happened to find this print in several other styles in case you are looking for something with longer sleeves or hem length. Take a look here: Knee length, Midi, Maxi. All of these dresses are fully lined.

And of course, there are several other porcelain printed styles. I found a few other prints for different occasions:

Left – Goodnight Macaroon Graphic Print dress, on sale for $49 (here)
Middle – Misguided daffne porcelain print cut out maxi dress (here)
Right – Endource Porcelain print Bodycon dress (here)

Happy Shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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