Are Overalls making a comeback? A Potential spring trend

Overall Styles Denim Black Light Dark Wash Distressed Cropped Ankle Spring Season

As you’ve probably noticed, I like to start the topic off with a small weather update here in Boston. All I can say is that we’ve been going through a roller coaster ride: one day its a warm and sunny 70 degree day, and the next it’s 18 degrees with strong and unbearable winds. I guess that’s Boston weather for ya.

But these glimpses of warm weather is making me super anxious and antsy for spring season. Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of shopping for a pair of ankle, distressed skinny jeans to compliment a pair of Chanel Espadrilles I purchased for myself not too long ago (just a little gift for myself to celebrate my home completion :]).

Here are the Chanel Espadrilles I purchased, in case you are interested in the style I picked out:

You can buy them here at the official CHANEL website, but be ready to pay a hefty price. Or, you can shop around to find a cheaper pair. I like using Poshmark or the Real Real or even Tradesy so you know the shoes you’re getting are authentic

So anyway, back to the overalls discussion. I sort of hope overalls make a comeback this spring. It sounds a little weird saying “overalls” because I immediately think farmers instead of a fashionable piece of clothing. I can’t seem to find another word to describe them… Anywho, I’ve been looking for a pair that sits tight around the waist but a bit loose on the hips and overall legs. And on top of that, finding a pair that have a distressed look to them. It wasn’t an easy task, but I did manage to find a few pairs that might interest you. Plus they’re all at affordable prices!

Dark Wash

Dark wash overalls tend to look great with tanned skin, however, I wouldn’t throw dark wash out the window if you’re incapable of getting tans. This color can still look just as good on you with a white or gray shirt underneath. Pair them with a cute set or espadrilles (can I suggest the CHANELs? ;] ) and the look is rockin’!

Left to right:
Abercrombie & Fitch Flare Ankle Overalls ($98) (Buy here)
ASOS Denim overalls with Halter Neck (On sale, $38) (Buy here)
Free People Washed Denim Overall ($98) (Buy here)

Light Wash

For light wash overalls, you can still pair them with white and gray shirts, but you have room to play with more colors. For example, Dark greens, blacks, dark grays, and even reds. These colors will still give you that elegant chic yet simple look without overdoing it.

From Left to Right:
Forever 21 Distressed Denim Light Wash Overall Shorts ($29.90) (Buy here)
Guess Factory Aviana Overalls ($59.99) (Buy here)
Free People Washed Denim Overall ($98) (Buy here)



Black is such a great color. You can literally pair it with any other color you want (except for maybe brown, but you could pull it off). I’m not sure about wearing black overalls during the warmer season but they would work well during that transition period between winter to spring where the weather is still a bit chilly. Wearing black overalls with a colored turtleneck shirt is ideal.

From Left to Right:
ASOS 90s Style overalls ($64) (Buy here)
Free People Washed Denim Overall ($98) (Buy here)
Rollas Highway Black Cropped Overalls ($129) (Buy here)


Cropped & Distressed

I personally love cropped and distressed styled overalls. Mostly because I am petite and having a cropped style with a pair of heels makes me look taller. You can do so much with this look. For example, keeping one buckle undone, with heels or flats, or a cute pair of chic loafers (I LOVE loafers, stay tuned for my post on loafers and how to style them).

From Left to Right:
Lead the Way Light washed distressed overalls ($49) (Buy here)
Forever 21 Denim Distressed overalls ($34.90) (Buy here)


Bright Colors

You don’t always have to opt in for the jean look. There are certainly other colors out there to choose from. If you’re feeling flamboyant definitely go for some of these overall colors. Keep in mind that colored overalls can limit your style in shirts and shoes in terms of colors to match them with.

From Left to Right:
Misguided Distressed Denim Overall shorts in White (On sale, $25.50) (Buy here)
By and Bicycle Overalls in L (On sale, $44.99) (Buy here)
BB Dakota Kelly Olive Green Overalls ($91) (Buy here)


Hope you found this post helpful! If you’re shopping around for a cute pair of these for spring take a look at some of the links above :)

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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