Finding that perfect jacket – a spring must-have!

Spring Jackets

It’s been a few days since the first day of spring and the weather here in the North East hasn’t been so great, unfortunately. In fact, it actually snowed a few inches on the first spring day, and I wasn’t too happy having to dish out my winter coat to wear for a while longer.

Fortunately, the forecast for the next few days is looking better,  and I’m very excited to put away these heavy winter coats for my more fashionable and feminine spring jackets.

I love the spring season. Even though it’s not my favorite season (summer!), it still holds a special place in my heart. Why? Because the weather is appropriate enough for me to wear some of my favorite trench jackets. I’m a little obsessed (OK, a lot) with double breasted trench jackets, particularly ones with a bit of fit and flare to them and that have waist ties – I love jackets that accentuate my waistline. Here’s a few toned down styles you might like:

Left to right:
Two Toned Double Breasted Beige & White Waist Tie Jacket (Buy here)
Bebe Front Slight Double breasted Jacket in Black (Buy here)
Peplum Beige Trench Jacket (Buy here)
London Fog Heritage Trench Coat with Detachable Liner (Buy here)

Although, if you’re looking for a more bold look, I recommend a picking out a brighter color that will definitely make you stand out more. Here’s a few colored trench jackets I found that had beautiful colors. My favorite of the bunch is the BCBGeneration Fit and Flare Trench that is currently selling at Nordstrom Rack!

Left to right:
The Limited Navy and White Striped Trench Jacket (Buy here)
Halogen Detachable Hood Trench Coat in Berry Pink (Buy here)
BCBGeneration Double Breasted Fit and Flare Trench Coat in Navy (Buy here)
Bebe Nancy Blue Doubled Breasted Waist Belt Trench Coat (Buy here)
Calvin Klein Hooded Double Breasted Trench Coat in Powder Blue (Buy here)

This year, I’ve been thinking of trying something a little different. My style tends to be cute and feminine which is why I love fit and flare trench jackets so much. However, I’ve been eyeing these army green/navy parkas & jackets for some time now and I finally made the purchase earlier this week on an army green faux fur jacket. I’m a huge fan because I can cinch the waist to my liking and still have that flattering look I love so much. Here’s a few jackets/parkas that are either fitted or allow you to adjust the waist however much you like:

Left to right:
Shein Faux Fur Hooded Adjustable Waist Parka in Military Green (Buy here)
Hinge Fatigue Jacket in Navy Blue (Buy here)
Pleione Linen & Cotton Military Jacket In Petite (Also in Regular) (Buy here)
Hooded Long Sleeve Faux Fur Military Parka (Buy here)

While I do still love my trench coats, this year I’m also going to be sporting bright prints and colors. I’ve always adored Elevenses (brand usually sold at Anthropologie) and cannot wait to wear some of the brand’s jackets! Here are two of my favorite and recent purchases I made (I bought these heavily discounted and brand new on eBay!)

The left is one of my all-time favorites. It’s the Elevenses Karelia Russian Printed Faux Fur Collar Jacket with Toggle Clasps. The right is my more recent purchased: The Florilege Elevenses Colorful Collared Jacket. Both jackets are not super fitted but they do taper in around the waist enough to still give you shape.

Are you looking to make a jacket addition to your wardrobe? I highly recommend a classic trench coat, preferably one in a toned down color as you can pair it with just about anything. If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, but still toned down enough to be able to wear on multiple occasions, maybe get a classic trench jacket but with a more vibrant color (such as pink or bright blue).

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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