Cute accessories for your favorite handbags + mini giveaway

Cute Handbag Tassel Rose Floral Pom pom Colorful Keychain Accessories

There seems to be a big craze in accessorizing handbags these days. It certainly didn’t seem to be as common a few years back but recently it’s become pretty popular. There’s a ton of handbag accessories hitting the web, but determining which ones to pick out and for which handbag type can be overwhelming.

Having followed this trend for a while now, I’ve become obsessed with these accessories people are sporting around for their handbags. There are just so many cute styles, I want them all!

So I figured I’d share with you a bit about some handbag accessories I found while doing a bit of online shopping, and also give some suggestions on how and which handbags to pair them up with.


The Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Keychain

Purchase the pom pom rabbit hair handbag accessories here.

These little fluffy balls of cuteness are super adorable! I am honestly obsessed with them that I bought a few in a variety of colors, and some with tassels (however, optional). They do sell faux fur, but I would just recommend getting the rabbit fur ones since they’re still a good price. The tassels add a nice touch to them too. You don’t have to get them with tassels but I personally think that it adds a bit more flavor to them, especially if you pick out a good color combo.

Depending on the size you get, and whether you get them with tassels or not, I recommend pairing this accessory with small strap handbags. Shoulder strap handbags are OK as well, but if you’re going to have your purse around your shoulder, you may risk getting the pom pom or tassels stuck on things. Plus, if you tote your handbag around your elbow you can face your handbag forward and show off how cute your handbag assembly looks :)

The Floral Rose Bouquet Keychain

Purchase the pom pom rabbit hair handbag accessories here.

These are personally one of my favorite handbag accessories I’ve come across. I love the detail put into them, from the number of rose petals to the perfect amount of jewels and accessories to give it the complete look. The petals are advertised as leather but I’m not sure that they are so please don’t take my word for it!

These also come with a circular keychain and clasp which I guess can be used for your keys or as a cellphone accessory, but I’d personally not use it as that since this accessory is pretty long (it’s about 6 to 7 inches in length). Also, it’s just too much accessory for me. But if you’re into big and chunky accessories for your keys then I’d say go for it!

I think this accessory would go great with large totes! For example, take a look at how I paired my Loeffler Randall “Work” tote with one of these rose keychains in white.

Loeffler Randall Work Tote in Beige with White Leather Rose Floral Keychain Handbag AccessoryPurchase the Loeffler Randall “Work” Tote here

The Good ‘ole Scarf Accessory

Purchase the silk scarf handbag accessories here.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting something clunky and heavy to weigh your handbag down. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with getting your bag stuck on things or fearing your accessory might snag on something and break.

A great alternative to this is the oldie but goodie scarf as your bag’s accessory. I have my moments where I want something fun, airy, and light, yet sophisticated, and I believe that a scarf offers this :)

Mini- Giveaway

Pink Rose Flower Bag Chunky handbag Key Ring Keychain

OK, so now for the fun part. I was so excited about sharing these accessories with all of you that I decided to purchase a few extra to give out for a giveaway! I have 4 of my favorite Floral Rose Bouquet Keychains available to give out to 4 winners!

All you need to do is the following:

  1. (Optional but would really appreciate it!) Subscribe to my blog.
  2. Like my Instagram photo >>> here <<<

If you are the winner, you will receive one of these keychains in a random color I’ve picked out.

This giveaway will run until end of day April 23 (One week away)! Afterwards, I’ll notify winners and ship these lovelies out to their new owners :)

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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