The funkiest and most interesting handbags made by Kate Spade to date!

Funky Kate Spade Crossbody bags

I’ve been really inclined to write a post about Kate Spade and some of the company’s most unique and funky handbags they’ve released. Some of these handbags are just….impractical, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be admired! I look at some of Kate Spade’s handbags as a form of art. They’re quirky, they’re fun and […]

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5 unique, must-have accessories for your wardrobe!

Watermelon Clutch

In this post i’ll be talking about my 7 favorite pieces that I think every woman should own. OK, I’ll admit that none of these are obviously essential or must-have staples to your wardrobe but I personally find them to be irresistible and will certainly add character to your look.    A fruit shaped clutch I came […]

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