Hi there,

My name is Christine. I’ve got kind of an odd thing going where I’m a software engineer by day, and fashion & lifestyle blogger by night. I’ve found a way to make the two work very well together!

Ever since I could remember, people have always commented about my style and the looks I put together for myself. I grew up in an Italian household and all the women in my family – especially on my mother’s side who mostly live in Italy – are all into fashion, style, and home decor. So naturally, I grew up loving it and soaking it all in.

I have been wanting to start Bynmix for a while now but being in a male dominated industry in my line of work, I’ve kind of kept that part of me hidden. Fortunately, I’ve decided to finally pursue blogging about fashion as it’s a true passion of mine. So I started Bynmix with the intention of bringing you modern and chic style in fashion and home decor, as well as any tips and inspirations that come my way. I’m a huge fan of designer inspired and finding super trendy looks for a fraction of the price. I love sharing and hope that by writing, maybe this will be interesting or helpful for somebody reading :)

I also shop way too much for my own good, I probably have a problem LOL. Online shopping is my true calling, especially designer inspired and fashion at a really good bargain.

Anyway, after literally hours or browsing and shopping and strategizing (yes, there’s definitely that!), I want to share what I’ve learned and discovered, to all of you! :)

I am open to any suggestions and questions you might have! And of course, if you have any coding or WordPress development/design related questions feel free to contact me about those too! Happy to help! :)

Please email me at bynmix@gmail.com.