Vanity Desk essentials for the everyday woman

Glass and White Vanity Desk with Mirror

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted a vanity desk. Now that I’m older, and can actually afford things, I am fortunate enough to have one. Although it isn’t nearly as nice as the one in the photo above, it’s one of my favorite things about my bedroom (aside from my closet).

But as we all have busy lives, our vanity desk tends to get cluttered, disorganized, and more often than not, forgotten about. I do my best to upkeep mine but sometimes I need a little help. So I went out and looked for a few things to make my vanity desk organized and useful. Here are some essentials I found that will make using your vanity desk more enjoyable and easier.

Vanity Mirror

Left to right:
Diva Vanity Tri-View Mirror by Funiture Cart (Buy here)
Maisie Fold Vanity Mirror 36 X 30 By Pottery Barn (Buy here)
Hickory Manor House Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror By Hayneedle (Buy here)

What good is a vanity desk if it has no mirror? The whole point of one is to doll yourself up through the ‘looking glass’. My personal preference is the Vanity Tri-Mirror. You don’t have to hang it anywhere on your wall and installation is usually much easier. Just open, unfold the mirrors and place it onto your desk! Another great thing about these mirrors is you can adjust the side mirrors so you can get a better angle of the side of your face. I often make the mistake of applying cover up incorrectly by having large splotches of makeup on the side of my face. That’s never a good thing….

When you get home and realize how ugly you looked all day

But in all seriousness, if your vanity desk doesn’t have some sort of mirror, that sort of defeats the purpose of having a vanity desk in the first place. It’s essentially just a desk at that point :(


Left to right:
Hollywood Glow Vanity Mirror By Impressions Vanity Company (Buy here)
Bold & Lovely Designer Globe Table Lamps By Beautiful Halo (Buy here)

Of course if you’ve got yourself a desk, you’ll need a lamp to go with it. There’s so many styles and selections to choose from. If you’re on the hunt for a mirror, I suggest looking at some mirrors that have lights built into them. You get better lighting, no weird shading on your face, you can apply make up evenly and pluck those eyebrows with ease. Or you can go crazy and get a super unique lamp that will make all other vanity desk owners jealous. Try to avoid getting a lamp that emits dim light as you’ll just make it difficult on yourself when you want to put on make up.

Jewelry Organizer

Left to right:
Glass Jewelry Cloches By Pottery Barn (Buy here)
Golden Glass Shadow Boxes By West Elm (Buy here)
West Emory Three Tier Ceramic Jewelry Tray By Target (Buy here)
Mannequin Necklace Stand By AbsoluteCrafts1 (Buy here)

I personally own a few of these because I have each one of my organizers hold different types of jewelry. For example, for my chunky necklaces, I like to place them on a mini-mannequin so I can access them pretty easily. For rings, small watches and larger sized earrings, I recommend a tiered jewelry tray, such as the one by Target in the images above. That way they’re still accessible but you can separate them however you need. You can also place rings on the pole. As for the more expensive or delicate jewelry, I recommend hanging them in an enclosed Cloche like the ones similar to Pottery Barn. Or place the more expensive bracelets (non-bendable) and watches in shadow boxes so that they don’t collect so much dust. The goal is to expose as much jewelry as possible without over cluttering your vanity desk. Also, it makes it much easier to clean the area (less dust accumulates).

Makeup Tray Organizer

Left to right:
Acrylic Clear Makeup Case Display Box Organizer By Houseables (Buy here)
Glam Caddy Rotating Cosmetic Organizer By Bed Bath & Beyond (Buy here)
Deluxe 3 Drawer Cosmetic Organizer Tray By Bed Bath & Beyond (Buy here)
Lori Greiner Spinning Cosmetic Organizer By Bed Bath & Beyond (Buy here)

If your vanity desk has little to no drawer space, I suggest investing in a makeup tray that has a few drawers and a top tray. There are a lot of clear ones in a variety of styles – having different tray layouts, number of drawers, etc. Based on the kind of makeup you currently own and use, and intend to purchase, pick one that can accommodate your collection. As I mentioned earlier with jewelry trays, you want one that exposes as much of your makeup as possible and one that can stow a lot of it away so there’s no dust build up. If you’re like me and you put your makeup away in small cases and compartments, you tend to forget what you still own. With a clear organizer, or at least one that shows a lot of your makeup, you can see what you still own. This way you’re not having to buy duplicates of everything.

Decor – Brushes, Candles, Flowers, Vases, Trays, etc.

Not really an essential but more like a ‘why not’? If you’ve still got tons of room left without looking too cluttered, then you can get really creative here. Maybe add a few decorative candles, a vase with some of your favorite flowers, and a glass tray to hold any other essentials or items you use daily such as a hair brush, perfume, lip gloss, or a small box of cotton swabs. The point is to make this space all about you! Decorate it however you want and have your small space portray you!

Happy Shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix


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