Brighten Up! 7 Tips for Adding Light to a Dark Room

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Ok, so I’ve been extremely busy and it’s caused me to put my blogging on hold for a few months. Buying a new place and redesigning it has taken up a lot of my time. But that just leads me to today’s post which I’m super excited about!

Today’s post is a guest blogger by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor. I love their website – they have beautiful decor for all outlets of your home, and they have a great selection of modern styles to choose from. And since I just purchased a new place, you can guess where I’ll be shopping next for decor and furniture 😉 This post put together by Amy, will hopefully give you some inspiration for brightening up a dark room:

While the trend toward vaulted ceilings and large windows has allowed many homeowners to have bright and open rooms, many times, there are still areas of every home that are a bit dark and dungeon-like. Whether it’s a stuffy home office or a bedroom with limited light, there are a few decorating tips and tricks that can make a shadowy space feel sunny.

Here are a few ideas for taking a dark space to a happy place.

Tip #1 – Plant Life

Image Credit: Image Via Lonny
Image Credit: Image Via Lonny

Living areas without much natural light can benefit from large and oversized plants to make a space feel more energized. Big indoor plants and trees can make a dimmer space feel cheery.

Tip #2 – Costal Chic

Image Credit: Image Via Living Chamber
Image Credit: Image Via Living Chamber

Using lots of white furnishings like a white coffee table, armchair and accent tables can take a lower level room and make it feel fresh and bright. Additional cozy accessories like a soft throw, candles and plush pillows add feelings of warmth.

Tip #3 – Mellow Yellow

Image Credit: Image Via Pinterest
Image Credit: Image Via Pinterest

For a space lacking sun, why not replace the missing heat with golden pillows and bench seating. To revive a dreary space, add lots of light and tons of citrus to create an inviting family TV room.

Tip #4 – Color Everywhere

Image Credit: Image Via Bath Ideas
Image Credit: Image Via Bath Ideas

Tiny and small spaces often lack lots of windows and fresh open air. Take an enclosed bathroom space and give it a bit of fun and flair with a decorative shower curtain, crayon colored bath towels and a few pieces of artwork.

Tip #5 – Lamps Galore

Image Credit: Image Via Home Attractive
Image Credit: Image Via Home Attractive

A luxurious bedroom might have all the trimmings of a posh space but lack much light. To create additional illumination adding bright table lamps and a crystal chandelier will amp up the summery feel of a darker bedroom.

Tip #6 – Loud Paint

Dark Room Image 6 - Loud Paint
Image Credit: Image Via Highway Sweet

For a space that’s truly a bit dim, there’s nothing better for adding fresh luster than a bit of bold paint. A color like green will usher in the outdoors and make a room feel more spacious and peppy.

Tip #7 – Play with Accessories

Image Credit: Image Via Best Dsgn
Image Credit: Image Via Best Dsgn

A home study may lack full sunlight but a few strategic office ornaments can make it feel less somber. Yellow vases, red books and glass decorations make a desk area feel less depressed and more fun.


If you have any other tips or styling ideas for brightening up a dark room feel free to share!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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