6 trends & styles from East Asian countries to consider this summer

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Hi all, hope everyone is having a wonderful spring wherever you may be! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have a very good reason for it! I’ve been traveling last few weeks so I haven’t had much time to sit down and write up my next post which I’ve been anxiously wanting to do! These last few weeks I’ve traveled to a few East Asian countries, some of which I have been anticipating going for a while.

Which destinations did I go to? Hong Kong, Macau, and South Korea. All equally interesting places each with their own unique landscapes, culture, and tourist attractions (and prior to that I went to Japan). One thing I did pick up though: Fashion.

East Asian countries have lots of great fashion that one doesn’t normally see in the States. I’ve picked up on a few of these trends and wanted to share my findings with you. Here are 6 styles which I found to be pretty ubiquitous during my travels to Asia.

The Wide Legged Cropped Pants

These were probably one of the first things that caught my eye while in Asia. All of the women were wearing some form of wide leg pants, whether cropped, piped, striped, high waist-ed, or belted. It seemed to be the go-to thing to wear for a day out in the city (especially in Seoul, South Korea). This style certainly doesn’t flatter your shape as it doesn’t reveal your figure, but it appears to be very trendy among the Asian population. Personally, I dont find this style to be very fitting for curvy figures (a little extra in the back :P) and likely not really suited for those on the shorter side, but obviously each case is unique and I’m sure one can make anything work to their figure. After all, it all really boils down to confidence and personal taste.

For those of you with a curvy figure or petite, try pairing these with heeled shoes to give yourself longer legs.


Round Shaped Glasses

This is a favorite trend of mine. I’m actually contemplating purchasing a pair of glasses and sunglasses in this style as I feel I have the face shape for it. Round shaped glasses are also pretty popular in East Asian countries. They don’t necessarily give you the all-out nerdy look that some glasses tend to give off, but more of a business casual impression.

I find this style to suit almost any face shape, especially those with heart shaped or round shaped faces, which many East Asian people have.


Denim & Overalls

In an earlier post (here) I wrote about the possibility of overalls making a comeback here in the States. Well apparently, they are a staple attire in many East Asian countries. From overall shorts to wide legged, cropped overalls, they’re pretty tough to miss. Although their style of overalls is more of a loose fit than here where we tend to incorporate overalls and skinny jeans.



I didn’t see much extravagance in the hat realm in Asia but I have seen a fair share of hat wearing people: mostly sunhats, and often paired with round shaped glasses or sunglasses :)


Loosely Fitted Trench Jackets

I was very surprised by this trend. It seems as though wearing really loose fitted clothes (almost over-sized) is a fashion norm in certain East Asian countries. But it was a trend that grew on me, and so I ended up purchasing a light green colored, very light weight trench (with an adjustable string waist, of course). I am anxious to sport that around once the weather warms up.


Loafers & Clogs

Perhaps it is because working hard is a societal standard, or maybe people in East Asian countries tend to do a lot of walking. Loafers seem to be the staple shoe attire. You don’t find many people wearing sandals or flip-flops.

Loafers happen to be one of my favorite type of shoes to wear. They’re certainly trendy (In my opinion!) and incredibly comfortable to wear and walk around for hours. They also go well with most any outfit. Check out my post from a few weeks ago (here) on how to style loafers with many outfit ideas.

If you find yourself traveling to Asia anytime soon, I’m sure not only will you have a great time there but you’ll definitely appreciate the fashion trends there :)

If there are any other trends I’ve missed that you’d like to discuss feel free to leave a comment!

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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