6 petite friendly brands for affordable work attire

Petite The Limited

Being petite is not always peaches and roses, especially when it comes to clothes. Being petite myself, sometimes it can be a challenge finding the right things to wear. And it’s an even bigger pain when you find something you really love but needing alterations in order to fit. Believe me, I have spent more than I would’ve liked inĀ alterations on dresses and coats…and we all know that altering dresses and coats can be an expensive hassle.

Fortunately, many companies nowadays have petite selections to choose from. A lot of these companies also offer in-house alterations (usually free or at a very reduced price), and easy returns on purchases made online. Here are a few brands I love shopping at that offer petite sizes.

The Limited

The Limited Selection

One of my personal favorite stores is The Limited. They’ve got both a store and online presence. However, their stores usually do not carry their petite line, so keep that in mind when shopping. The good thing is that The Limited offers free mail-in returns if you’ve purchased any of their petite products online. You can also return them to the store as well.

The Limited isn’t as well a known brand as J. Crew, for example, which is really unfortunate. They’re constantly having 40-60% off sales and endless amounts of coupons in which you can bundle up with. They also have a teachers program – if you’re a teacher or professor you get an additional 10% or 15% off!

One of the great things about The Limited is that their clothes are true to size. Very rarely do they make odd cuts or variations in size despite the size listed. They are very consistent which makes online shopping at their store a breeze!

J. Crew

J. Crew Selection

J. Crew is great for everyday staples. I absolutely love their selection. They offer bright and vibrant pops of colors and eye-catching patterns. Their clothes never go out of style.

Although they are a bit on the pricier side, they often have great sales. If you spend $150 or more on their website, then they offer free shipping. Otherwise it’s a flat $5 rate, making it very affordable.

Another thing to take note too is that J. Crew offers size 000 Petite. Yup, triple-zero petite! Although, in my personal opinion, their clothes tend to run a bit large. So a 000P might actually be more like a 00P. Be sure to check their sizing charts and reviews other buyers have left to get a better idea.


Talbots Selection

Talbots has a great selection of petite clothing. I especially love their sweaters – they come in such cute patterns. Take a look at their Love Balloon Sweater currently on sale here.

Talbots also has amazing super sales! You’ll see $80 – $100 dollars sweaters selling for $20 or less, and usually they still have a huge remaining selection when they run their final sales. Be sure to subscribe to their mailing list here to take advantage of their great sales.

Their clothes are not very fitted but flattering enough to accentuate your body. Their cuts are superb, and their quality is unmatched, making them great for work attire. I highly recommend taking a look at their selection! They frequently have 25 – 30% sales, usually no code necessary.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is personally a hit-or-miss for me. But when I do find something I like love, I just HAVE to have it. The brand offers a great selection from simple staples to unique and interesting prints.

The brand normally offers just as many items in it’s petite section as it does in its normal cut. So if you find something you like but its listed as a regular, chances are they also have it available in petite. Their cuts are modern and chic, perfect for the office.

And like Talbots, Ann Taylor also has great final sales, where their clothes are listed at 75% off or more. My only gripe about their online store is that you have to spend a lot, $175 or more, in order to take advantage of their free shipping. However, you will not go wrong when shopping at Ann Taylor. I am sure you’ll find lots or great styles. The company also has frequent 25% to 30% off sales, so be sure to check out their site every now and then!

New York & Company

New York and Company Selection

Another one of my favorite brands although I don’t shop here as much as I would like. Every time I get the urge to visit their site, I always find a few items I want to purchase.

New York & Company has a beautiful selection of vibrantly printed clothes and bold colors. They’re quality is pretty good for the price. And they’re constantly having sales! Pretty much every item they offer is on some sort of sale – usually even their new arrivals.

The company also has two affiliated lines – The Eva Mendez and the Jennifer Hudson Collection – both of which have their own unique prints and styles. Definitely check them out, I am sure you’ll find a few things that interest you. Also, you get free shipping on any purchases of $50 or more!

White House Black Market

White House Black Market Selection

White House Black Market (WHBM) has beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated styles – a brand offering the perfect selection for the office. The company has a good selection of petite styles, usually for every regular brand, there is also a petite version of it.

WHBM literally sells mostly clothes that are either White, Black, or a combination of both. In each season, they will add a splash of a few colors in their patterns and designs. So if you’re looking for clothes with lots of colors, and many selections of color, this may not be the best option for you. But in any case, their quality is amazing! Highly detailed and very good stitching!

They are a little bit on the expensive side (normally $150 is the going rate for a dress there), but the company does have 20% discounts often. Also, they also give out a 5% discount just forĀ being a card member! Be sure to check out their selection, as their styles tend to go out of stock quickly!


Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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