5 unique, must-have accessories for your wardrobe!

Watermelon Clutch

In this post i’ll be talking about my 7 favorite pieces that I think every woman should own. OK, I’ll admit that none of these are obviously essential or must-have staples to your wardrobe but I personally find them to be irresistible and will certainly add character to your look.  

 A fruit shaped clutch

I came across a watermelon clutch (sold here (Nasty Gal) and here (Lulu)) a while back and told myself that I had to have it. This little beauty is a perfect accessory to bring for that tropical vacation and I’d likely pair it with a high waisted maxi skirt and a cropped top, as suggested here:

Left to right:

ASOS Maxi Skirt in Tie Dye Print – On sale for $30 (buy here)
ASOS Maxi Skirt With Ruched Side And Side Split in Pink – On sale for $9.50 (buy here)
ASOS Maxi Skirt With Ruched Side And Side Split in Blue – On sale for $12.00 (buy here)
Asos Wrap Maxi Skirt in Jersey – On sale for $10.50 (buy here)
O’Neill Splendor Maxi Skirt – $79.00 (buy here)

This watermelon clutch is currently sold out but you can still find a few on Poshmark (here).

There are also similar variations such as the Kate Spade watermelon clutch found here. And if watermelon isn’t your favorite fruit, there’s other fruit clutches you can find. Kate Spade had a lemon clutch for sale just a short while ago so you may still be able to find one at your nearest Kate Spade store. Also, check out Coach as they too sometimes sell fruit shaped clutches.

Other places I like to check out are Ebay and Aliexpress (a favorite go-to place of mine for inspiration). Check out some of the clutches here that are currently for sale:

fruit clutchesFruit Clutches in Strawberry and Lemon – $29.99 (buy here)

lemon clutchLemon Clutch – $14.99 (buy here)

Watermelon ClutchWatermelon Clutch – on sale $15.0 + $3.43 shipping (buy here)

A statement necklace

There are a ton of different styles of statement necklaces out there. You don’t want to overdo it with a huge chunky necklace unless that is the look you’re going for. Generally, I like having a necklace that doesn’t draw all the attention to it and that adds just a bit of pop to your outfit. Check out my article here on tips for picking out a great statement necklace.

One place I like to look is J.Crew. They have an amazing selection of statement necklaces and they’re just my style: elegant enough to blend in with any outfit, yet fun enough to show your more interesting side.

Here are some fun and flirty yet very affordable J. Crew necklaces I found for a fraction of the price:

J Crew Pastel NecklaceJ. Crew Beautiful Pastel Crystal Drops necklace – Originally $148, get it for $45.99 (buy here)
Jcrew Statement NecklaceJ.Crew Chord & Cluster Bright Hydrangea Statement Necklace – originally $65, get it for $34.99 (buy here)

A super chic passport holder

So if you’re thinking of taking a vacation and bringing your fruit clutch with you, you’re going to need a passport holder to go with you as well, right? 😉

My go-to place for passport holders is Kate Spade! They’re fun and just remind me of spring and summer. Here’s one I purchased from their recent line:
Kate Spade Get Carried Away hot air balloon passport holder
It’s called the Kate Spade Get Carried Away hot air balloon passport case. Made of soft yet sturdy leather with a section to hold smaller papers and credit cards. If you’re not into hot air balloons though, Kate Spade has other patterns available too:

Left to right:
Kate Spade Cedar Street Dot in Black – $78 (buy here)
Kate Spade Cedar Street Rose – $78 (buy here)
Kate Spade Cedar Street Dot in White- $78 (buy here)

A cutesy throw pillow

This isn’t necessary a wardrobe item unless, of course, you have a walk-in closet with some furniture in it (if so, lucky you!). I love throw pillows, especially ones that aren’t shaped like a typical pillow. My current favorite (and one I just recently purchased while on vacation in Japan) is the striped bow shaped pillow which comes in two colors – Black and Navy. These pillows currently sell at a Japanese store called FrancFranc but you can get pretty much the exact same one here. I also found the same one, but sold in black only, here as well.

There’s other types of funky throw pillows. I also love this one (shown below), the macaroon shaped pillow, that comes in several sizes. For those of you unfamiliar with what macarons are, they are a type of cookie that originated in France.

Left to right:
Bow pillows in a variety of styles and colors – $14.99 – $19.99 (buy here)
Bow striped pillows in a variety of sizes – $8.42 – $15.55 (buy here)
Fluffy Macaron pillows in several colors – $38.79 (buy here)

A monogrammed mug

Every girl needs her own mug, especially if you’re a coffee or tea drinker. I was lucky enough to find two gold monogrammed mugs each with literally my first and last initials at a nearby TJMaxx the other day. I have been on the hunt for one for a while now and just came by them by chance!

Anthropologie recently had a sale on their gold etched monogram mugs – originally selling for $10, but on sale for $7.50 (now they are selling for $10 but i’m sure they’ll have another sale soon). As cute as I thought they were, I was looking for something a little bit larger and easier to put my fingers through.

Here’s a few gold monogrammed mugs I found that are very similar and just as cute:

Left to right:
Anthropologie Limited Edition Gold Monogram Mugs – $10 (buy here)
Macy’s The Cellar Gold-Tone Inital Mug Collection – $13, on sale for $5.97 (buy here)
Pier 1 Imports McKenzie Monogram Mugs – $9.95 (buy here)
Williams-Sonoma Gold Monogram Mugs – $12.95 (buy here)

I hope this post was somewhat helpful! Whether is doing a little splurging for yourself or looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, I’m sure any girl would love these adorable accessories.

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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