4 Ways to Style Loafers this Spring

how to style loafers Business Casual Night Out classy Chic

Loafers are one of my favorite types of shoes to wear. They are all-around trendy and can be styled up or down in many different ways. Plus, they’re just so comfortable – you just slip them on!

Loafers come in a variety of styles and patterns. I’ve seen rounded toe, pointed toe  and square toe ones, but I generally prefer square and slightly pointed toe loafers as it gives your feet a narrower look. Rounded, to me, gives off a stubby and wider foot look (at least on me).

Some people, when they think loafers, they think an older woman in work attire. While this stereotype may have some truth to it, I don’t fully agree. Loafers are classy and they immediately give off a sophisticated vibe when worn with just about any outfit. Here’s are few trendy ways  to style a pair of loafers:


The Chic Business Attire
Business Attire Loafers outfit

This one’s pretty straight forward, and it alludes to the stereotype I mentioned earlier. But you can still look trendy and fashionable with a few small tweaks. For example, instead of long dress pants, opt for a pair of fitted ankle dress pants instead to show a bit of ankle. Add a collared dress shirt and blazer or a slightly fitted, light sweater over a collared dress shirt to complete the look.

The Weekend Getaway

This look is great in that you get a classy yet laid-back, comfortable look. I personally like to wear my loafers with a pair of distressed (normally light colored) ankle/cropped jeans, a simple white tee or blouse, and a long black, light sweater cardigan. To accessorize, I wear my aviator sunglasses and a small cross-body purse or satchel.

The Cute Yet Classy

Also another favorite look of mine. This look entails black leggings with a cute, high waist skirt and a tucked in top. You can pair this with a fitted blazer or a button down cardigan giving you an elegant and classy look.


The Casual Night Out

Nothing more simplistic than a pair of leggings and a comfy, flowy blouse to compliment your loafers. Accessorize with a few bangles and a chunky necklace and you’re ready to hit the town!

Are you guys as anxious as I am for spring and warmer weather? I can’t wait to style my loafers with some of these trends. Any other suggestions? I’m happy to hear your thoughts!!

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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