4 Sweater Dress Trends to Consider This Spring

Ways to wear sweater dresses in the Spring

Our winters have been pretty unpredictable in the last few years from continuous heavy snowstorms one year to consecutive warm days  the next. And as the warmer weather rolls around, we’re all eager to switch our thicker knits for lighter, more casual garments.

But lets not jump the gun here. With the right look, those much adorned sweater dresses can still be given a lot of love and attention well into the spring and even the summer. Here are 4 looks to make sweater dresses the perfect transitional and practical piece well into the spring and summer.

Keep it Simple

Left to right:
Ribbed V-Neck Sweater Dress in Black (Other colors available) (Buy here)
Cable Knit Fitted Sweater Dress in Pink (Other colors available) (Buy here)
Princess Slim White Knitted Angora Hair Sweater Dress (Buy here)

By this I mean wearing a sweater dress with without leggings, thick scarves, or layering it with a shirt. Spring is all about keeping it casual, breezy, and fun. So if you want to wear your sweater dress well into the spring, try not to bundle yourself up as if it’s still winter season. I recommend wearing a sweater dress as-is with a pair of heels or boots, a few accessories such as bangles and statement necklaces, and a trendy hand clutch.

Add a Bit of Flare

Left to right:
Cable Knit Flare Hem Button Up Sweater Dress (Buy here)
Cable Knit V-Neck Flare Hem Waist Ribbed Sweater Dress (Buy here)

Not all sweater dresses are created equal. They don’t necessarily have to be boxy or penciled styles. Add a bit of flare to your sweater dress for a more feminine and spring-like look. I personally love fit & flare dresses, especially when they are cable knit.

Show a Little Shoulder

Left to right:
Cold Shoulder turtleneck Sweater Dress in Black (Buy here)
Cold Shoulder Front Slit Sweater Dress in Brown (Buy here)
Cold Shoulder Boat Neck Ribbed Sweater Dress in Gray (Buy here)

I’m a huge fan of cold or open shoulder anything. Interestingly, these styles are a little hard to come by which is really unfortunate. If you’ve got great shoulders, show them off with a sexy, hip hugging sweater dress. If you ever get chilly wearing one of these, you can always wrap a scarf or a sweater around your shoulders.

Get Preppy

Left to right:
Black Sweater Dress in White Stripe (Buy here)
White Sweater Dress in Black Neck and Sleeve Stripe (Buy here)

Sweater dresses aren’t always about heavy and cable knits. One of my favorite trends is the preppy look – The striped neckline and/or striped sleeves. I love this look because you can dress it up with a pair of high heels or heeled gladiator sandals, or dress down with a pair of converse.

Do you have a sweater dress style you’re dying to wear in the spring? Share your trends, I would love to hear them!

Happy Shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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