10 Tips to picking out that perfect statement necklace (and what to avoid)

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When shopping for a statement necklace (or really just any wearable addition to your wardrobe), it can be pretty overwhelming. There are too many online stores to search on. And don’t even get me started with mall shopping – I’m usually tired after visiting the first store.

Since spring is literally next month, it’s time to dish out those pretty accessories we’ve been hiding away all winter. Or maybe you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe and want to add new additions to your collection. If you’re shopping the market for a new necklace, I’ve got some tips to possibly help you pick out the perfect one.

NOTE: In each tip, I’ll also give an example of a necklace that I think is appropriate (a necklace DO), and to the right of it, a necklace that I feel is a bit much (a necklace DON’T).

1. Stick to no more than 2-3 colors if possible (excluding the color of the metal)

Everybody loves colors. They brighten and add a bit of pop to any outfit.  But with everything else, take things with a bit of moderation. If you overdo it with the colors, it tends to look a little tacky and doesn’t really fit well with the outfit you pair it with. On the left I have an example of a necklace DO, and on the right a necklace DON’T.

2. Have no more than one metal color (ie. no necklaces with both silver and gold – I rarely see one pull that off well)

If you’re not into necklaces with tons of jewels and enamel, there’s still plenty of styles to choose from. All-metal or mostly metal necklaces are still chic and can still add a lot of flavor to your outfit. But you’ll notice that most necklaces out there don’t usually sport more than one chain/metal color. It’s either all silver, gold, rustic, black, etc. I don’t see many necklaces out there with several metal combinations, and that alone probably is reason enough why multi-metal combo necklaces usually never work.

3. Not too short that it seems like a choker, and not too long that it hangs like a dog tag.

 This one’s pretty obvious, lol. Why wear a necklace that basically chokes you to death (especially ones with no stretch to them)? Or a necklace so long that you’re constantly having to tip it to the side when leaning down to pick something up or bending over? It’s a pain and annoying and will eventually get to you. Let’s stick to something that makes our already complicated lives easier :)
Top images show necklaces that offer just the right amount of room, and one that is a bit too tight. Bottom images show one where length is appropriate and one where it is a bit too long.

 4. Just a tad bit of crystal or Jewels

I personally don’t really like necklaces with embellishments that are all crystals. I feel that there must be some mix to it, otherwise it kind of becomes a little tacky. Either that or I’m just assuming its your Quinceanera or your wedding day :) But for an everyday outfit, I’d stick to something a little less bling and a little more down to earth.

5. Find a necklace with pastel colors, if possible.

Ultimately, it is your preference with what colors you want to go with. My reasoning for picking pastel colors is that it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your outfit. Plus, people usually wear statement necklaces during the warmer seasons. For me, I love sporting more colorful outfits in the spring and summer (and even the warmer times of the fall), and necklaces are part of the whole ensemble. I find that necklaces with more down-toned and subdued colors give the impression of maturity versus tackiness (my personal opinion, of course).

6. Or find a necklace with pastel colors and with a bright, pop color.

….but sometimes I fall for a hint of neon. Just don’t overdo it :)

7. Stay away from tacky plastic that is supposed to look like the metal chain part.

 As the title says. Especially huge plastic chains – those never looked good in my opinion. Plastic jewelry reminds me of toddler toys for some reason…you know those pasta jewelry you used to make as a kid (or maybe I’m just dating myself!).

8. Nothing that makes too much noise when you walk.

Fashion is all about art and being unique. In a sense everyone wants to attract some attention. But do you want to draw attention to yourself because you sound like a cowbell calling the village in for their supper? Me neither. I don’t necessarily have any pictures to show you as you can’t ‘hear’ pictures through the internet 😉 Basically, make sure to pick a necklace out whose parts are all attached so that no big pieces are dangling too much.

9. Have only fabrics in the form of flowers. No over-sized feathers as they will likely snag or tear off.

This one’s also pretty self explanatory. Why make life complicated on yourself? Plus you’ll feel really bummed out when your necklace tears or one of its feathers rip off. If you wear a jacket or vest or have long hair and keep it down, I recommend staying away from these types of necklaces whose fabrics are very long and really stick out.
10. Nothing too heavy or overly asymmetric that you’re constantly re-adjusting to get it to look right.
I can’t stress this enough. Why make life complicated on yourself? Sometimes simple is best. If you’re an on-the-run person, definitely keep it simple. Also, give your neck a break too! You don’t want to be having neck pains, right? It’s a good way to get a massage I guess but can you imagine having to explain to the masseuse why you’re getting a massage in the first place? 😛

Hopefully this has helped you in your search for that perfect necklace. If you found this to be helpful, please subscribe to my blog! And I’m open to any comments or suggestions!

Happy shopping!

Cheers ~
Christine from Bynmix

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